IWC International Water Conferences is the foundation of the Royal NetherlandsWater Network (KNW) which organizes international conferences on behalf of KNW. Since 1984 the foundation has organized a large number of international conferences in the field of drinking water, wastewater and water management.

KNW is an unincorporated association with approximately 4000 members, working in the water sector in the Netherlands. Members of KNW are involved in organizing international conferences for the association. With the organization of international conferences IWC aims to bring Dutch expertise in water to the attention of international visitors and to bring members of KNW to familiarize themselves with international developments in the field.

IWC has a wide international network. There is a strong relationship with the Aquatech in Amsterdam. Over 25 years of IWC organizes international conferences during this high water event in the RAI. The board of IWC consists of board members of KNW and its director of KNW. There is a close relationship between the board of IWC and KNW. Like KNW/IWC is not for profit and therefore IWC is a foundation with the Anbi status.

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